Monday, February 28, 2005

Hooray for Hollywood

You know you're obsessed when the Academy Awards is merely an excuse for several hours of sustained knitting. Above is Baby Albert and Heart Hat, begun as separate objects but destined to be an Outfit. And, my goodness, what's that in the background? Could it be...the back of Sam's Seamed Slip Stitch Sweater?? Completed?? Like I said, Hooray for Hollywood...I finished off the back while Joan was working the red carpet and had a decent start on the left front by the time Million Dollar Baby walked off with Best Picture. Posted by Hello

Thursday, February 24, 2005

Knit Your Own...Room??

You know those little gremlins that sneak in while you're sleeping and unravel everything you've knitted that day? Well, that's the only excuse I have for still slogging away at the back of Sam's Seamed Slipstitch Sweater. It should be done by our golden wedding anniversary. And, to make me feel even worse about my lack of productivity, here's an article about a group of old folks who decided to knit and crochet an entire room, complete with furnishings. And I don't mean doilies--I'm talking burgers and champagne and clocks and radios. Way to make a slow knitter feel bad, old folks!

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Mission Falls Memorial Baby Hat

Posted by Hello While I continue to slog away at Sam's sweater, I knit up a striped baby hat using some of my last stash remnants of Mission Falls Cotton, which I understand they are going to discontinue. Wahhhh (speaking of babies)!!

Monday, February 14, 2005

Baby Heart Hat

Baby Heart Hat Posted by Hello Happy Valentine's Day. I made a Baby Heart Hat from Elizabeth Zimmermann's Knitting Workshop to go with the Baby Albert coat below (now I must find some heart buttons...). I was initially bothered by the blips of contrasting color peeking through the attached i-cord edging, but I've convinced myself that it's a design statement. Anyway, I don't think the baby will mind. I think I've blogged this before, but Elizabeth Zimmermann was a friggin' genius. Such a cool pattern...where in her knitterly brain did such things come from?

Thursday, February 03, 2005

Second F.O. of 2005

Posted by Hello A Baby Albert Jacket (again from Sally Melville's Knitting Experience: The Knit Stitch), finished save for some loose ends and buttons. Actually, I think it looks rather fetching and Chanel-ish without the buttons, but since the holes are already there I might as well add some...I'm thinking hearts. It's made from Plymouth Encore Colorspun and some stash DK cotton for the single crochet trim, which I hope detracts from my less than successful shoulder seams. I followed Sally's clear directions as best as I could, but my seams still look kind of like abandoned railroad tracks. Doesn't bode well for the endless seams facing me with Sam's sweater (see below), but I perservere. Speaking of Sam's sweater, the back provides the background for this shot, and the back is taking me friggin' forever. Process, not product. Hey, if it takes me three months to make a sweater I'll still have four by the end of the year with other projects in between, right? Right??