Monday, January 12, 2015

Pepper Sprout

2015 finished object #2: a hat for the soon-come baby of a friend of my wasband, on request. There were initially booties involved, but the first pattern was too fiddly and the second was too clunky and I am a couple of removes from the baby in question so there you have it.

There are a bunch of patterns floating around; I used this one this time. Stashed Woolease from at least 10 years ago, size 7 needles. Amazing how much can get accomplished when you're dozing on the couch feigning an interest in football playoffs.

Monday, January 05, 2015

Let's pretend it hasn't been very long at all, OK?

First finished object of 2015, a cabled bracelet. Pattern can be found here. Nicely written but surprisingly fiddly, as I guess small knitted things tend to be. Yarn is Eden Cottage Titus, a 4 ply fingering weight merino silk, glossy and lovely to work with, a sample skein tucked in my goodie bag at the latest Knitters Review Retreat, the most wonderful time of the year. Size 2 needles.

And just like that, I blogged.