Monday, April 21, 2008

F.O.: February Baby Sweater

Yes, I am perfectly aware that it is April.

Notes for the pithy-challenged (the row counts worked for me on this particular sweater; your mileage may vary):
Plymouth Encore Colorspun (2 skeins), size 6 needle.

I did a chain selvedge (slip first stitch purlwise, K last stitch every row).

Buttonholes: Rows 4, 20, 36, 52, 68 (sometimes EZ is too pithy for this non-opinionated knitter…it’s easy to cruise through the yoke forgetting to place the first buttonhole). I find buttonholes on both sides help line up the buttons—just sew them over the unused holes. Beginning of row: sl 1, K1, yo, K2tog. End of row: K2 tog, yo, K2.

Increase Rows: 9, 18, 27 (for some reason I have to fudge Row 18, adding 5 extra sts. to get the total of 102). After final increase row, you should have 148 stitches.

Gull Wing pattern starts on Row 29.

How I divided the sleeves: Row 35 (Row 3 of Gull Wing pattern): Sl 1, K3, purl 21. Place these 25 sts. on a holder for left front.

Purl 28 stitches for sleeve, cast on 7 (thumb loop c/o). Drop the ball of yarn.

Attach a new ball of yarn, purl 42 stitches across the back. Place these stitches on another holder.

Purl 28 sts., cast on 7 for second sleeve.

Place remaining 25 stitches on right front, leave them unworked. Yarn will be rejoined at underarm to finish this side after you work the sleeve (you will be completing Row 35, on Row 3 of the Gull Wing pattern). Mark this front with a safety pin so you know where to return.

Turn and work right sleeve (you will be on Row 4 of Gull Wing pattern). Work in pattern across 7 + 28 stitches, cast on another 7 (28 sts. total). Here, I placed a marker and joined to work the sleeve in the round (purl stitches will be knit stitches). Work 21 rows in pattern, then switch to garter (don’t forget to alternate knit and purl rows since you’re working in the round). 8 rows garter=1inch, 29 rows total for sleeves.

Finish second sleeve as above, then complete right front (row 35): purl across 21 stitches, end K4.

Turn work and start Row 36 (which happens to be a buttonhole row), remembering to do the chain selvedge. Work pattern row 4 across right front, p/u 28 stitches at sleeve, work across 42 stitches of back, p/u 28 stitches of sleeve, work across left front.

Continue in pattern through row 72, switch to garter stitch and work through Row 80, B/O.