Monday, January 21, 2008

Happy Birthday, Dr. King; Giveaway Winner

Happy Birthday to the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King. Thanks for everything--not just for going to the mountaintop and having a dream and all that, but for having a birthday (which I have a dream would have been celebrated even if you had not been martyred for the cause) giving me a day off from work to reflect and...well...knit.

On the giveaway front, Cena wins; thanks so much to all who dropped by to enter. I had a nice spot of synchronicity surrounding this giveaway; I'd been meaning to post it for awhile but never seemed to get around to it...once I finally did I won a copy of Glamour Knits in a contest I barely remembered entering! Thanks, Knitting Goddess (and Potter Craft).

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AR said...

A wonderful man, and role model.