Monday, January 28, 2008

F.O.: Peekaboo Mittens

All winter I’ve been struggling with the desire to unfreeze my hands and the need to have easy access to all the stuff I need just to get around. Since I’m still recovering from my weird hand injury, gloves aren’t working. Most of the time I’ve made do with fingerless mitts (we’ve been lucky in NYC with relatively mild weather), but these flip-tops are really great on cold mornings for getting to the change for the newspaper and the Metrocard and the bank card and the keys and knitting a couple of rows on the subway without having to totally remove my hand covering and inevitably drop it on the grungy floor. The Peekaboo is a smart, well-written pattern, which I played with a bit to use up some stash yarn: I did the first ten rows in garter stitch with black furry Katia Duende, the rest following the regular pattern in a discontinued slubby gray yarn (Adriafil Roller) (if I make it again with a fur cuff extension, I’ll keep the ribbing at full length instead of cutting it back to 5 rows like I did on these; I’d like them a tad longer). Size 7 needles, two circular method since double points give me a headache. EDITED TO ADD: since Magknits is defunct, this pattern is currently being hosted at Ravelry.


maniacalmultitasker said...

THese are a great idea! (I get real cold hand in winter too)

AR said...

Those look great, and warm. :)

AG said...

The peekaboo mitten pattern doesn't seem to be up anymore... Could I get it from you? I'd really like to try these!

Terri D. said...

Hey there AG. Unfortunately, Magknits (the original host of the Peekaboo) has disappeared, taking all the free patterns with it. I didn't keep a copy, being kind of an idiot that way.

The pattern is now being hosted on Ravelry (, search "Peekaboo"); alternatively, here's the designer's website:

Hope this helps; knit on.