Thursday, March 15, 2007

Secret Pal--Woo Hoo!

Doing the Happy Dance because I have a Secret Pal and my Pal has me. I am ready to spoil and be spoiled. It's a fun break to plot this out, although it makes blogging a bit problematic, since I can't really blog too much about what I'm doing lest my receiving Secret Pal reads my blog. C' could happen...

Anyway, my spoiler sent me a fun e-card, and I sent one to my spoilee--anyone looking for knitting related cards, check these out.

The ingenious way my Secret Pal hostess, Heatherly, made our match will be evident at the reveal, but I wanted to take the time here to publicly thank her and the other Secret Pal hostesses for their hard work. Let the spoiling begin (and somebody make some cool buttons already)!


Heatherly said...

lol. i put names in a bowl and pulled them out. it just worked!:-)

Anonymous said...

shhhh Heatherly, don't divulge your secrets....

Terri...I just finished reading your list "100 things about me"
1. I keep people at a distance and have 3 siblings...I have an only child who is incredibly social.
2. you're much braver than I, I'd like to do a list...but that would let too many people have the chance to know too much about me...(as if there are that many people reading my blog hahaha)
3. I had to post this anonymously because one of my siblings could be your spoiler...:) I like your blog.