Sunday, March 11, 2007

Process Not Product

Don't you hate it when life gets in the way of knitting? My day job has been keeping me insanely busy of late. True confession: I am an admissions director at a NYC nursery school, and this is our season. The time where I select the incoming class for next September. Yes, folks, I judge two-year-olds for a living. I'm not proud, but it pays the rent and keeps me in stitches in more ways than one. Anyway, my current WIP is a Moebius Scarf (I use the Elizabeth Zimmermann "transverse" method--knit a long strip with a removable cast-on, twist once and weave the two ends). In this case, acres and acres of Farrow Rib (behold the Lower 40). A comforting project for a busy time, but s-l-o-w progress. I'm loving the yarn, though--a very soft green confetti worsted gifted by a friend (thanks Caroline) who found it at Rhinebeck Sheep & Wool. Label says "A Touch of Twist", 1286 Weast Road Box 51, Pattersonville, NY 12157.


Splindarella said...

Ooooh, I bought some luscious alpaca from "A Touch of Twist" at Rhinebeck. Yummy! The stitch looks great, too.

Just out of curiosity, how exactly do you judge whether a 2 year old is "right" for your school? There are some days when I think the only place my 2 year old is "right" for must be the circus sideshow! LOL

Terri D. said...

splindy--the professional answer: we are looking for kids who are "school ready": able to make transitions without freaking, focus for brief periods of time, use materials appropriately. the real answer: it's all about the shoes. the cuter the shoes, the greater a child's chance of admission. and a hand knit garmet: score!