Saturday, February 17, 2007

Knitting for a Cause--Part Two

Stephanie Pearl-McPhee, the Yarn Harlot, will be speaking at the Fashion Institute of Technology in NYC on March 22, and is trying to gather as many knitters as possible in a kind of shock and awe event to confirm the power of knitting. Details here. From Stephanie's blog:
The new book comes out soon and since it's a book about knitting as a destination and the community of knitters that populate it, we thought that this would be an excellent time to make a point. We would like to show the media and the muggles exactly how many knitters there are, how seriously we take it, and exactly how large a demographic they are ticking of when they discount our numbers and our buying power by ignoring the things that we tell them. Essentially, I don't care if they think we are stupid. I don't care if they think Sock Clubs are stupid, and I will still sleep at night if they laugh at us. I just want them not to openly mock us and impede our attempts at commerce or community.
Shameless (if well-deserved) self-promotion? Perhaps. But also sounds like a fun way to get together with pointy sticks and represent if you're in or near NYC. Since I am, I have no excuse.

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