Thursday, December 28, 2006

Obligatory Christmas Post

Christmas Tree 2007The Tree before demolition, and quite a lovely one if I do say so myself. Even better, one-fifth of all of those packages were for me, me, me! Knitting wise, my darling husband restocked my case with supplies since everyone's always stealing my shit, especially scissors. Plus, all sorts of non-knitting related stuff, including the big ticket item--yes, ladies and gentleman, I have me an I-pod!IPod and George(Shown here with my actual favorite present of the haul--a vintage George Jones keychain). Plus, my Secret Santa at work gave me 4 lovely balls of Debbie Bliss Soho, turning itself into a Farrow Rib Scarf. Farrow Rib in Progress. T'was a Merry Christmas, to you and yours.

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AR said...

Ooh, yeah, Merry Christmas to you. An ipod! Nice!