Friday, December 08, 2006

Cool Link of the Week: The Book of Knitty

The Winter 2006 Issue of Knitty is up. Lots of nice stuff, as usual. Nice hats, nice mittens, nice lunchbag--but the project that really blew me away was The Book of Knitty, designed by Laura Brown and pictured at left. One of those "why didn't I think of that?" designs that is deceptively simple and utterly cool. Besides its obvious use as a baby book (oh, I did so love Pat the Bunny), I see in my future knitted holiday cards (next year, people), knitted swatch books (yeah, like I'd ever really swatch), and maybe for real a knitted knitting journal for 2007. Thanks, Laura Brown and Knitty, you totally rock.


Laura B said...

We love "Pat the Bunny" too! Definitely a big part of the inspiration! Thanks for the really sweet post and email.

Happy knitting,

AR said...

Such a neat project. I love Knitty!