Saturday, September 30, 2006

Absorba The Great Bathmat--Still in Progress

I like my Absorba. I really do (and, clearly, Judy does too). But I must admit I liked it a lot more when I thought I was three ridges away from being done.

You know those rhetorical questions you realize you shouldn't have asked the second they leave your big mouth? Like when you run into your crotchety neighbor and you say "How are you?" expecting the requisite "Fine, and you?" but instead you get a litany of aches and pains and accusations of neglect?

Well, there I was doing a final sizing and toe-squish test run when DH walks in the room. What I should have said: "Nice bathmat, huh?" What I said (rhetorically): "Do you think it's big enough?" What he said: "Could you add a little more?"

So, with heavy heart, blistering fingers, running out of yarn and lesson learned, I need to go on to the rectangular version. Must. Haul. One. More. Log. Praise the TV gods there's a Law & Order: SVU marathon tomorrow.


bfmomma said...


I just finished my Absorba (haven't even uploaded the pics quite yet) and it's worth adding the extra logs to make it a rectangle! I think it adds a LOT! :)

AR said...

hehehe. I know better than to ask questions like that. I still do it, too, though.

Splindarella said...

Mmmmm...*love* the color! And just for the record, I went the extra masochistic step and did *two* logs, one on each end, so my rectangle would be symmetrical. Oy! LOL