Monday, October 02, 2006

Absorba, The Great Bathmat--F.O.

Thanks to the aforementioned Law & Order: SVU marathon, it's a wrap. I mean, a mat. Presented outside of its natural habitat because 14 year old DD refuses to give up the bathroom for a photo op (she's still in there, even as I blog). The stats: 20"x28", 11 hard-earned logs including the center. I used some truly ancient Patons Chunky Cotton (I think it's been discontinued) in a grimy footprint-forgiving army green. Since some balls were partial, it's hard to tell exactly how much was eaten, but I'd guess 8 100 gram skeins, triple-stranded, on size 15 needles. The toe-squishing result was worth the pain, but when DH suggested another for the kitchen, I laughed until he backed away, slowly.


alliesw said...

You know, I wound up a a fall festival during that law and order knitting at all (though, I admit, lots of family fun...they are just not as into my knitting as I am!) Congrats on finishing!

Stephanie said...

Ooooh! I love "The Great Bathmat" and can't wait to make one for my tiny bathroom.

AR said...

It's so cute. Smart color choice. Even with everyone saying "Thank God I'm Done", I still want to knit one.