Wednesday, September 13, 2006


I told you going back to work bites. Someday I'll start a blog about how ludicrous the NYC nursery and ongoing school admissions process is (those of you who've read 100 Things About Me might recall that my job is judging two year olds for their suitability to enter nursery school and then usher them on to ongoing schools that will ensure their entry into Harvard, Yale and Princeton), but for now, in the weeks after Labor Day that kick off the official Admissions Season, I haven't had time to blog my knitting and have barely had time to knit it (of course, a couple of washrags have been on and off the needles, but with Fall I am craving a big wooly project). But enough whining--there's good news: 35 days and counting to the NYS Sheep and Wool Festival, a.k.a Rhinebeck, sort of the Woodstock of knitting. Rhinebeck has become a birthday tradition for me (October 18th if you keep track of these things), since we have wonderful friends with a wonderful house near Rhinebeck who host us for the weekend. I've always admired knitters who return from Rhinebeck with fiber-laden satchels and an organized list of several winters-worth of much as I love it, I tend to wander the barns aimlessly in a yarn-induced stupor, paralyzed by choice and slinking back to the city with a skein or two with no designated purpose, tossed into my motley (but much beloved) stash. Also, I've always wanted to make connections with all those kindred spirits tramping through the sheep muck with variegated stars in their eyes, but it seems so...geeky (if not downright stalkerish) to go up to somebody and say "Hey, I love your Clapotis, can I touch it?" This year, however, things will be different. The intrepid Stitchy McYarnpants has come up with a brilliant scheme to link us all: Rhinebeck Blogger Bingo (check out the link to see how it works, one of the many results of my not having attended church enough is that I don't understand Bingo). Thanks, Stitchy; I'll be there and I'll be square!

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