Friday, August 12, 2005

The Best Laid Plans

I had a couple of resolutions at the beginning of the summer: to get a lot of knitting done and to post more. I've fallen short on both accounts. I mean, I have knit quite a bit, but since I've been working on the big ole sweater and the complex scarf, rather than the instant gratification hats and baby stuff and facecloths of last summer, I have had less to show and less to write about. So, I remind myself that there is Life After Knitting...

I've been reading a lot this summer. Aside from the obligatory Harry Potter, the dominant theme has been retro-reads--returning to the books I used to sneak off my mom's bookshelves for the naughty bits. I plowed through Herman Wouk's Marjorie Morningstar and Youngblood Hawke, and just finished Mary McCarthy's The Group. A very complex read...not as turgid as I remembered it and eerily timely, particularly the child rearing stuff--kind of like Urban Baby set in the 1930's. I loved the characters in spite of McCarthy's clinical detachment--she must have been a piece of work. Anyway, Peyton Place is around here somewhere...additional retro-read suggestions welcome.

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