Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Tasty Link of the Week--Handknit on the Red Carpet

And the winner is...The Knitting Heretic! Annie Modesitt, one of my knitcrushes, created this stunning dress that worked the red carpet at the Emmy Awards. Worn by the stunning Ami Brabson, wife of the stunning Andre Braugher, who won for Best Actor in a Miniseries for Thief (we forgive you for that Poseidon remake mistep). More details on the dress on Annie's blog. How cool is that?


AR said...

Wow. That is cool!

alliesw said...

My gosh, what a dress. Thanks for posting this--I totally missed it on tv (ah, something else to aspire to!)

Splindarella said...

Get out! And I'm kvetching over when my little baby kimono shower gift is going to be finished! *g*