Sunday, November 21, 2004

Hats in Progress

Posted by Hello After finishing up a little something for my Knitters Review Secret Pal, I've got a couple of hats on the needles. The one on the right is a blissfully basic roll brim using some Morehouse Merino I got at NYS Sheep and Wool (click and enlarge to note the ridiculously adorable point protectors), the other uses the Noro I got a couple of packages ago from my own KR Secret Pal. I started out with Amy's pattern (see post below). Nice pattern, but after a false start I decided to let the yarn do the work instead and picked this less complex one from Marnie Maclean. OK, I confess, after I started the cable lace part of Amy's pattern I had one, maybe two (maybe three) glasses of wine. Friends don't let friends knit drunk.

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