Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Cool Link of the Week--Teeny Project Runway

It's time for a blog update, but since a report on the snail-paced progress I'm making on my Clapotis and February Sweater would be about as exciting as watching paint dry, I direct your attention over to Mason-Dixon Knitting where the ever-entertaining Ann and Kay are hosting Teeny Project Runway. Hurry up, voting closes tomorrow (Thursday) at 12:34pm. It's probably not fair to play favorites, but...well...mine's at left. If she was only sporting an Obama button, she would be perfection. I know, I know...back to my knitting.

EDITED TO UPDATE: She's a winner! Congrats to Jill (and Rhonda).

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the kind words, I can't believe Ms.Jill has become the cool link of the week. In case your curious, her outfit is Galway purple heather, and almost a whole skein of Noro for the trim. I made it during the Oscars. ;)
~Rhonda her designer