Sunday, May 20, 2007

Secret Pal Package #3!

Last week's mail brought another amazing package from my amazing Secret Pal. As a belated Mother's Day present, she (and I know she's a she because she identified herself as a fellow mother), there was this wonderful framed usual, my lousy photography skills can't quite capture how totally cool it is. Even stoic DH got a little misty, and it will hold a place of honor on our living room wall.
There was yarn, of course--a skein of Fortissima Colori and one of Regia Silk along with a suggested pattern for a hat...although what my psychic Secret Pal couldn't have possibly known is that DH has been asking me to knit him a tie and this yarn would be perfect. She even sent a size three bamboo circular needle. Oh, and did I mention porridge? Chocolate porridge?
Secret Pal 3 001 Along with the neatest card ever...a three dimensional fleecy pink sheep.Secret Pal 3 002
Thanks so much, Pal.


Anonymous said...

Hi Terri, hope you have a great week! I am really glad you enjoyed the package. I can't wait to see how the tie turns out! Your SP :)

AR said...

What a cute sheepy card. It looks hand made, and I love it!

Heatherly said...

hi it has been a month since your last post...checking in on you :-)

your secret pals sister said...

Hi there, did you receive your 4th package from your sp 10 pal yet? it's been a couple of weeks since it should have arrived...just checking. We might need to send out a trace!!! :)