Saturday, July 29, 2006

Why Didn't I Think of This?

I stumbled across a wonderful blog the other day: re:knit. The blogger describes it as "a knit- blog re-blog"--she gathers the tasty bits from across the web into a sort of knit-blog's greatest hits. Very cool, and saves me a lot of time slogging through my bloglines. Why didn't I think of this (surely not because I'm lazy and lack imagination)?

Oh, and another Elvis Sweater update courtesy of You Knit What??. Be careful what you wish for.


Sharon said...

Oh dear that pattern was in an Australian Womens Weekly many years ago, 80's I think, and I can remember seeing people walking the streets in them!!

Sharon said...

He he in answer to your question on my blog, fossicking is a term used by miners mainly fossicking (searching) for opals, gold etc. Fossicking in everyday Aussie language basically means scrounging or searching through stuff, junk usually.

What a strange language we have!!