Monday, January 02, 2006

Gift Bags

Happy New Year to all. Between the holidays and the NYC Transit Strike and an early season flu and darling daughter breaking her finger playing volleyball and necessitating an emergency room visit and surgery and the holidays I haven't had much time to knit...actually, I have been knitting, just haven't been posting. I've been on a bag kick lately. What is it about girls and bags? The urge to carry stuff around with stuff inside it. The uterus thing seems too obvious; I'm hoping it's something cooler. Anyway, these two gift bags made it in under the wire to be the final F.O.'s of 2005. The little squat one on the right eeks out the last remnants of Noro Silk Garden to contain some stinky (in a good way) soap and candles for a friend. Based on the one that's on the cover of Last Minute Knitted Gifts, adjusted for gauge and pompon tie added. I decided I like the idea of pompons more than the execution. The one on the left is a champagne sweater, utilizing some stash Crystal Palace Tweed and the much maligned but surprisingly useful Bernat Disco. The shape is a simultaneously scaled down and elongated Christmas Rose Bag from Handknit Holidays, which I'm hoping will become my first F.O. of 2006. Stay tuned, if you're interested.

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Allena said...

those bags are great! i'm with you on the pompoms.. they seem neat till you make them. i'm not big on them. have a great day