Saturday, December 03, 2005

The Muppet's Revenge

Behold my mother-in-law's nearly finished scarf. Look at the upper left side. Yup...I ran out of eyeball-bleedin' cookie monster in drag Bernat Disco with about three inches to go. Can yarn cackle manically while feeling sweet revenge? If not, then what's that sound? If anyone wants to swap their free ball of Aqua Velvet Bernat Disco, leave me a comment and I'll send a ball of kid silk from my stash along with priority return postage. Sigh.


Bev said...


I found your blog via KR, and it's great. I'm sorry I have no cookie-monster colored yarn for the shawl, but you definately must be a saintly daughter to do that for your mom. Hang in there and maybe look for it on KR.

Take care, Bev

Terri D. said...

Thanks, Bev. My friends at KR did indeed come through (thanks Kim and Judy!).