Thursday, September 01, 2005

Katrina Relief

Please click here. Like most people, I'm thinking about New Orleans, connected to a place in a way that I haven't been since 9/11. I have no right to lay claim to the city--although my husband lived and worked there for many years and left family and friends behind when he moved to New York, I only visited a couple of times. Still, I can honestly say that New Orleans carved a permanent spot in my heart. Besides the obvious--what's not to love about a town where you can walk down the street with a cocktail in a to-go cup?--there was something about New Orleans that made in the only city I've ever seriously considered living in besides New York. Oh, heck, this article in today's New York Times says it a lot more eloquently than I ever could.

Anyway, I have no right to claim it. I remember how annoyed I used to feel when "outsiders" tried to lay claim to NYC in the wake of 9/11. Up in Washington Heights, I felt somewhat disconnected myself. I read somewhere that if you lived in Europe, they bombed the U.S., if you lived in California, they bombed New York, if you lived above 14th Street, they bombed downtown. In a strange way, the New Orleans tragedy is more real to me; at the same time, the devestation is unfathomable.

It's time to stop blathering and do something. The wonderful Margene and Susan have organized a knitter's donation drive on this blog. Give a little, or if you can, give a lot.

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margene said...

Thank you for the link...we've done well, no?