Sunday, July 03, 2005

War of the Worlds

I knitted through War of the Worlds today (the newly released remake, of course, but the vintage poster at left is way cooler)--sorry all you Knitters Review folks calling for a boycott, but I can't resist a Spielbergian summer movie, and going on opening weekend made me a hero of sorts in my kids' eyes. While Tom Cruise's public meltdown is getting all the attention (actually, Tom's manic edge works very well here), it is very much a Spielberg movie. We know we're being manipulated, but we're being manipulated so skillfully we go along for the ride. I can't say I enjoyed the film, although a couple of images are sticking with me...a river bloated with bodies, a train on fire screaming through a small town. Anyway, I paid my fare, ate my popcorn, and took advantage of the air conditioning and two uninterrupted hours of knitting time.

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