Saturday, January 22, 2005

Sam's Seamed Sweater

Posted by Hello For most of my knitting career, I've made mostly little things, instant gratification stuff where size doesn't matter: scarves, hats, baby sweaters, bags and such. And for most of my knitting career, I have avoided seams like the plague; the sweaters I've done have been strictly circular. But one of my knitting resolutions for this year is to stretch myself, so I've taken on a full-sized sweater for my DH, from Sally Melville's marvelous first Knitting Experience book. Using Adriafil Roller, acquired at the recent Smiley's Yarn Riot (and dang, what a riot it was--two hours on line!). I am irrationally terrifed by the idea of seaming, being a confirmed in-the-round knitter, but like I said, it's time to try something new. Heck, I even swatched, another first! I'm alternating it with another baby sweater, so I can feel like I'm accomplishing something. Wish me luck, folks, and watch this space for progress...

First F.O. of 2005

dryer lint scarf Posted by Hello Long time no post, but I have been knitting. Above is the first finished object of 2005. OK, so it's only a scarf, but it's done. Just 50 inches of straight garter stitch; I let the yarn do the work. It's Cicco by Gedifra--lots of folks have used it for the Paris Loop pattern at Magknits. I was going to dub my scarf Washington Heights Loop, but as I knit on I realized it reminded me of dryer lint. In a good way.